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Trolls World Tour

In celebration of the upcoming movie, the seven remaining bakers join the Trolls World Tour and are challenged to make colorful tiny Troll treats. Then the competitors have VIP all-access passes to a Troll rock concert and must create cakes with a musical Troll tribe theme.

I'm sure the Trolls are needing a snack before the movie, so tiny Troll Treats it is! These treats are based on colours in the movie. I really wanted red, and I got it! I decide to make a tiny layered cake that was all monochromatic in red with pops of white on top. VIP access? Yes please! Move aside the bakers are entering! I am the winner of the pre-heat and now have the difficult task of assigning the musical genres to my fellow bakers. I have no plan for handing these out and I'm sure I have given out some genres to people that have no idea what to do. I keep classical for myself, with Trollzart representing this genre. I decide to keep my cake in a more classic theme and keep it simple by doing a buttercream finish painted with gold and a lace detail around the bottom. Twist time...our favourite! We have to make a figurine of our represented music genre. So in my case Trollzart...this twist has me sweating. I am not a person who makes figurines, let alone good ones! This is when my previous twist exemption would have come in handy! I make a lemon cake with a blueberry lavender jam and vanilla buttercream. My figurine of Trollzart doesn't turn out too bad, and the gold on the cake looks antique, which is what I wanted. I am so happy that the judges loved the flavours of my cake.


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