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Spring Senioritis - Class of 2020

The pressure mounts in the Spring Baking Championship finale as the three remaining bakers celebrate graduation day by making an honour roll dessert and a diploma dessert with a dipping sauce. Then the competitors create prom-night cakes themed to the '50s, '60s or '80s. One baker wins the title of Spring Baking Champion and the $25,000 prize.

This week for the final pre heat we are making all things graduation inspired! That means getting on the honour roll and getting your diploma based on your chosen level of school. I get college. I want to present something elevated and polished, ready to make it in the professional world. For my honour roll I decide to make a chocolate espresso cake with Chantilly cream and raspberry gellee. I'm so happy with this cake because its very rare for one to roll a gellee inside of a rolled cake. I then roll the cake in white choclate to get a nice clean exterior and put a bow on it. For my diploma dessert I decide to make a macaron with white chocolate buttercream and strawberry filling with a lime white chocolate dipping sauce. For the decoration I decide to make it into a graduation hat, putting tassels and and button on top.

For the main heat we are to make a prom-night cake inspired by a decade. Sohrob chooses the 80's decade for me. I am inspired by my prom date's outfit for my cake. My plan for the bottom tier is to make it silver with a texture to match his suit jacket, and add the iconic boom box around the bottom of the cake for a border. For the top tier of the cake I decide to make it red with a argyle diamond design in black. Duff comments during judging that the design of this is perfectly matched up and that this something that is hard to execute. My favourite piece about this cake is the topper that I made. Usually for a prom there is a King & Queen announced and I decide at my prom there is going to be a King & King. This is truly meaningful to me. This topper not only represents equality but the truth that its okay to just be you, no matter what your "difference" may be. That is what makes us all so awesome. There will always be others in the world that support you. You're not alone. I decide to make this a lime cake with vanilla peach compote and coconut buttercream on the outside. This season's Spring Baking Champion is Sohrob! Raise your glass to Sohrob!


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