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Spring Flower Power

It's all things spring and flower-centric when the five remaining bakers are assigned cherries, cherry blossom decor and a crumble dessert to combine into a fabulous floral fusion. Then the competitors work with an ever-popular trend to create flower-crown cakes.

This weeks pre heat requires us to think all things crumble! Crisps, crumbles, brown betty's, cobblers, and buckles, then pair them with fresh spring herbs. Thyme, rosemary, pineapple sage, lavender and lemon verbena are up for grabs. I get buckle and thyme. A buckle is essentially a cake with fruit on top with the cake buckling around the fruit. I decide to infuse my cake with thyme and top it with fresh cherries and generously sprinkle it with a crumble. The other part of this challenge is to decorate with inspiration from a cherry blossom festival. I make a cherry blossom tree out of modelling chocolate and put little pink cherry blossom flowers on the branches.

All things flowers for the main heat challenge. Flower power here we come! We make cakes based on the trend, flower crowns. The flower crown that I get is made up of daffodils, and I am loving this flower! This is something that I can execute and the flower of course looks pretty. If you don't know what a daffodil looks like, it has six petals with a trumpet-shape centre. If you need a visual, you can google away. I make a chocolate cake with a raspberry filling and a lemon buttercream. This week, the twist is that we have to make an edible bow for our crown out of whatever medium we would like. I decide to make my bow out of fondant, and I'm having trouble getting the shape right. During judging Lorraine says that the flower crown is beautiful but is disappointed with my bow! Now Nancy is thinking that she is not going to like chocolate with lemon, once she tries the cake, it turns out she likes it! Maybe because of my gentle nudge. Watch the episode to see what happened!


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