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Mom's Spring Getaway

It's Mother's Day, and Mom takes a spring vacation to celebrate. Inspired by Mom's favorite cocktail, the four remaining bakers create sweet, spicy margarita madness desserts. Then the competitors make look-alike baked goods based on Mom's pool float, choosing between flamingo, swan, seahorse or peacock.

Okay! This is the week I've been waiting for! Mom, this one is for you! This week mom needs a vacation and she's getting outa here. So we are making things based on a spicy margarita. When the time starts I run up and get mango and birds eye chilli. I make a mango mousse with a birds eye chilli gellee on a vanilla sweet dough base. I love the look of this entremet, especially when you see the orange glaze on the outside of the mousse sitting on the clear gellee. When you look at it straight on its like you can see right through the middle of the entremet! The judges love my dessert and I win the pre heat! I get the best advantage of the season, which I'll share with you later.

Mom has had her margarita, and now for the main heat it is time to go into the pool. Of course she doesn't want to get her hair wet so she's on a floaty! The floaty I get is the swan. I know exactly what I am going to do. I am going to make a pistachio and strawberry mousse moulded in a rectangular mould. Then, I'm going to glaze it in white, and put wings, a tail, and a neck to look like a swan. Now its time to talk about that advantage I got in the pre heat. The advantage is that I get Cory, the winner of season five, for 15 minutes to help me out with whatever I want. I get him to warm up my cocoa butters that I need to make the swan neck and temper some white chocolate. When my time with Cory is finished, Clinton comes in with the twist. We have to put something on the plate that resembles water! This is great because I was already going to make a blueberry coulis for my swan so it looked like it was floating on water. I am in love with this dessert, it comes out exactly how I wanted it!


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