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The One About Puppies and Kitties

It's raining cats and dogs as the nine competing bakers make "kittyclairs" -- eclairs with an orange kitty theme. Then they play puppy games, making desserts with sporty themes like a kayaking poodle and a tennis-loving Labrador.

For my "kittyclairs" I make an eclair filled with butterscotch pastry cream and cherry jam and I decorate it as a cat or in my case an eclair decorated as a PIG!

For the main heat I was able to get the tennis-loving Labrador! This was exactly what I wanted as my dog at home is part lab and he loves his ball more than anything, I suspect even me. I decided on a Nutmeg Scented Blackberry Mousse on a Maple Shortbread with mint gel. Now you all are probably thinking I don't see dog or ball...okay its time to use your imagination! Let me break it down for you, my inspiration was taking my dog (Henry) to the park with his ball . So the mint gel is to represent the grass at the park. The mousse part is in a more of a tan colour to represent Henry's colour, I put the purple strips across to represent his collar with gold leaf in the centre for the buckle. And then of course as we call at home "the famous ball" is made out of chocolate with the signature tennis ball design.


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