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Spring Skies

The ten competing bakers celebrate the spring equinox by first making colorful and delicious doughnuts themed to either sunrise or sunset. Then the theme is stargazing at night, and each baker is assigned a celestial event to bring to life in dessert form. There are shooting stars, the Milky Way, the Northern Lights, meteor showers and more.

For the preheat I get the sunset theme for my donut. I make a orange scented donut with a basil pastry cream. Using suns and sun flairs to decorate. For the main heat I get shooting starts and I make a entremet cake. For the entremet I make a white chocolate mousse, with a strawberry mousse and grapefruit jelly insert on a pistachio sable. I cover this cake with a shiny mirror glaze with shooting stairs and whip cream clouds.


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