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Spring in the Great Outdoors: Team Challenges

It's team challenge week, and the eight bakers grab a buddy to spring into the outdoors. First, they bake tasty hand-held treats for a hike. Then it's time for a bike ride as each baker must make a Paris-Brest wheel and work with their teammate to create a complete two-wheeled dessert, decorated for a ride through a vineyard, canyon, city park or country lane.

With this week being a team challenge, one can only wonder how the teams will be paired up. It looks like the fruit is going to decide for us. "I got peach!" and "I got peach!" Yay! Christine is going to be my partner for this week. Tasked with creating a treat for a hike, I decide to make a sweet pop over. I have never seen this before, and think this should make me stand out. Trouble strikes as my popovers are burnt and are not baking the way I want them too. I eventually get some popovers made and I fill them with a peach jalapeño jam. For our Paris-Brest wheel, Christine and I get desert canyon for our theme. I make a Pate de Choux filled with a coconut passion fruit pastry cream and a champagne gelee. We decorate our board with our coloured buttercream and fondant pieces to look like a bike. Nancy recognizes the blossoms on our cacti and shrubs right away, and comments "I can tell we are in spring!" We are so happy with the look of our board! Yay Christine! It clearly looked like a bike ride through a desert canyon!


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